Alaska Voyage 2005 — The website of the Sailing Vessel Beatrix, Kelly-Peterson 44 #276 (1980).

Northern Journey June 28 to Aug 14, 2005.
Seattle - Pt. Townsend - Vancouver - Broughtons - BC Coast - Prince Rupert - Ketchikan - Wrangell - Petersburg - Juneau - Glacier Bay
Part 1:Seattle to Prince Rupert. 28 June to 18 July.
Part 2:Prince Rupert to Glacier Bay via Ketchikan and Misty Fiords. 20 July to 02 Aug.
Part 3:08 Aug. Juneau. Humpback Whales in Icy Straight.
Part 4:09 Aug. Pelcian AK and Elfin Cove AK.
Part 5:12, 13, 14 Aug: Back to Glacier Bay. More humpback whales.

Southern Journey Aug 15 to Aug 30, 2005
Juneau - Elfin Cove - Pelican - Glacier Bay 2 - Chicagof I - Sitka - outside Chicagof and Baranov - Cape Ommaney - Cape Decision - Ketchikan

Part 6:15-16 Aug: Wild Chicagof Island West Coast to Sitka, Sitka, Indian River Salmon Spawning.
Part 7:17-21 Aug:Sitka to Ketchikan via outside of Chicagof and Baranov, Cape Ommaney, Decision Pass.
Part 8:23 Aug to 30 Aug: Ketchikan AK to Prince Rupert BC. Inside Passage to Cape Caution. Port McNeill.
Part 9:30 Aug to 1 Sep. : Port McNeill to Forward Harbor to Campbell River BC.

Operations Log
I have cherry-picked of my favorite photographic images of this trip. Click on this link Best Photos or look at the Slideshow of Best Photos
For a slideshow of all photos in the collection click on the following link: Slideshow of All Photos

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I've selected a few of the very best images (in my opionion) from the hundreds taken on the voyage. My equipment includes a Nikon D70 digital SLR camera with either a 24-85mm Nikkor 2.8 D zoom lens or an 80-200 mm Nikkor 2.8 ED zoom. I credit Flip Nicklin for tipping me over the edge into total digital photography -- my film days are over for good. Most of these photos are uncorrected at this time and will need a bit of editing and touch-up when I get back but I thought I'd share them as soon as possible. -Jeff

Slideshow of Best Images

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