— The website of the Sailing Vessel Beatrix, Kelly-Peterson 44 #276 (1980).

With the old bunk, walls, and shelving in the dumpster I've begun the rebuild by aligning a single transverse member between the cabin walls.  I'm using American white oak that I've been air drying for about 15 years.  This is very hard, strong and rot-resistant and seawater-resistant wood.  Because it is so hard it needs to be seriously roughed up with 40 grit sandpaper to allow a good bond with the epoxy.  This first bunk support has to be exactly placed, as all the other bunk framing  will need to be be aligned with it and the face of the bunk. 


The contents of this page are an example of a refitting job performed on a single vessel by its owner.  Just because I put it here for your interest and information does not guarantee it will work on your boat, or work at all. Fair winds & smooth sailing. -- Jeff Stander


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