— The website of the Sailing Vessel Beatrix, Kelly-Peterson 44 #276 (1980).

May 2003

It started when I wired a macerator pump backwards and proceeded a step further with a boat show discount on a new Sealand VacuFlush marine toilet system.  The end result is a redesign of the KP44 aft bunk to remove the leaky, bulky, smelly, old 45 gallon holding tank (pictures NOT included), rip out the old bunk, shelves, and side storage and plan to put in the new sanitary system, smaller holding tank, and bigger storage areas on either side of the mattress.

I never thought when I bought myself a Sawzall a couple of years ago how much use it would be on a yacht.

The Sealand VacuFlush uses 1 to 2 pints per flush.  We wanted a 14-day holding tank.  The vendor recommended a 20 gallon tank.  Various stock holding tanks were mocked up in 1" rigid foam to check for fit.  The one chosen was, at 16 gallons, the closest size that would fit under the bunk and allow for a simple installation and with careful use should have a 2-week capacity for 3 people.  It leaves enough storage space under the bunk for a folded Avon. The proximity of the vacuum generator to the tank and the toilet is advantageous in keeping the hose runs as short as possible.

Note that I've removed the lower piece of wood between the steering bosses as it interfered with the chosen holding tank.  It was loosely toe-nailed in place and I cannot believe it actually does anything.  Nevertheless I plan to reinforce the two upright wood and fiberglass bosses that support the steering sheaves.

The contents of this page are an example of a refitting job performed on a single vessel by its owner.  Just because I put it here for your interest and information does not guarantee it will work on your boat, or work at all. Fair winds & smooth sailing. -- Jeff Stander


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