— The website of the Sailing Vessel Beatrix, Kelly-Peterson 44 #276 (1980).

The old black iron port tank and the more recent aluminum "day" tank, both leaking  were removed in 2018.  We set out to design a system with two levels of storage in the cockpit locker and two stainless steel tanks fore and aft at the 3rd level down with the hot water heater lowered to the bottom level of the hull.


Fabrication was at my friend Niall's sheet metal factory which is why we chose 2mm 316L for the tank walls.  Normally I prefer aluminium for weight and ease of fabrication. 


The factory also makes PVC equipment so it was the work of a few moments to create mockups in plastc. I love CNC fabrication.  I just give them a CAD file and the turn it into gear.


The design is shown in the document below.  All cribbing was Tasmanian Oak tabbed and epoxied to the hull. The cribbing supports the tanks which are lowered through the port cockpit locker.  The original locker was totally changed.  There is no access from the engine room.  There is an upper level for storage of lines and equipment in milk crates.  The level below that has supplies and equipment that are rarely used.  The refrigerator compressor is also at that level so all refrigeration gear (gauges, refrigerant gas, vacuum pump) are stored there, too.  This is also where the starter battery is located. 


I will endeavor to add some photos of the installation and setup in the near future.



Beatrix Fuel Stbd Tank (Web Page, 8.1 KB,
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Port Diesel Tank Design (Adobe PDF File, 2.8 MB,
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Fuel System Schematic (Adobe PDF File, 1.9 MB,
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Beatrix Fuel Management System (Web Page, 3.3 KB,
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The contents of this page are an example of a refitting job performed on a single vessel by its owner.  Just because I put it here for your interest and information does not guarantee it will work on your boat, or work at all. Fair winds & smooth sailing. -- Jeff Stander


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